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News: Systm Episode 2 released

The following text is from the systm mailing list.

We are pleased to announce the release of Systm episode #2! This time we feature a how-to on the popular open source based PVR software, MythTV. MythTV brings you the ease-of-use of a TiVo and the flexibility of a ReplayTV without any associated monthly service fees. We use the bootable Linux-based OS, KnoppMyth, to demonstrate just how easy it is to install, configure, and ultimately enjoy!

Don't forget to download our first Systm episode, "Building A War Spying Box," if you haven’t done so already. It features the first ever handheld auto-switching war spying device (links available at

Episode #2 Links
(BitTorrent required for download –

Large Format
(198 MB) Windows Media

(198 MB) XviD

(191 MB) H.264 Quicktime

(230 MB) Ogg Theora

Small Format
(111 MB) h.264 Quicktime

(120 MB) Ogg Theora

(98 MB) Windows Media

(107 MB) XviD
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