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News: Systm Episode 3 and From The Shadows

It's very cool to see more well-produced technology based TV shows being released on the Internet. Shows like "TheBroken", "Systm", "Diggnation" and "From The Shadows" take hacking/technology tutorials one step further by showing you the techniques and skills on-screen across multiple high quality video formats.

Systm have just released episode 3 today - "Making High Quality A/V Cables", and I have also found another good online tv show called From The Shadows.

From The Shadows has 4 episodes out at the moment and I really recommend you check them out (especially episode 3 which has a very interesting section on breaking wireless wep encryption using a Linux live cd).

The following text is from the systm mailing list:

"Say goodbye to the bank-breaking audio/video cables at your local electronics superstore. Save your money and build out your home theaterDIY style. With a total running time of 45 minutes, Kevin and Dan talkto a broadcast engineer to demonstrate how to make your own high end A/V cables for a fraction of the cost and a "monster" savings."

Episode #3 is available (BitTorrent required) at:
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